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Board of Directors

Clarence L. Werner , , , Executive Chairman

CLARENCE L. WERNER, 79, operated Werner Enterprises as a sole proprietorship from 1956 until the incorporation of Werner Enterprises, Inc. in September 1982. He has been a Company director since that time and also served as President until 1984. Mr. Werner served as Chief Executive Officer from 1984 until February 2007, and he was Chairman from 1984 until May 2011. He served as Chairman Emeritus from May 2011 until August 2015, when he was elected Chairman. In May 2016, Mr. Werner became Executive Chairman.

Gregory L. Werner , , , Director

GREGORY L. WERNER, 57, was elected as a director of the Company in 1994. He served as our Treasurer from 1982 until 1986, became Vice President in 1984 and was promoted to Executive Vice President in 1996. Mr. Werner has also directed revenue equipment maintenance for Werner Enterprises, Inc. and its predecessor since 1981 and became responsible for our management information systems in 1993. Mr. Werner served as our President from 1997 until May 2011 and as our Chief Operating Officer from 1999 to February 2007. Mr. Werner was our Chief Executive Officer from February 2007 to August 2015. He was also the Vice Chairman from May 2011 until August 2015.

Michael L. Steinbach , , , Director

MICHAEL L. STEINBACH, 62, was elected as a director of the Company in 2002. He has been an owner of Steinbach Farms & Equipment Sales since 1973. Steinbach Farms & Equipment Sales buys and sells farm and other equipment and is located in Valley, Nebraska. Mr. Steinbach has also been an owner of Steinbach Truck & Trailer, a semi-tractor and trailer dealership located in Valley, Nebraska, since 1997. He also farms or custom farms approximately six thousand acres of farmland.

Kenneth M. Bird , , , Director

KENNETH M. BIRD, ED.D., 69, was appointed by our Board of Directors in 2002 to fill a vacant directorship position and was subsequently elected by the stockholders. Dr. Bird is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Avenue Scholars Foundation, a nonprofit entity that serves youth education in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Bird previously served as Superintendent of Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Nebraska from 1992 until May 2008, and he also held various administrative positions with Westside Community Schools since 1981. Prior to 1981, he was employed by the Nebraska Department of Education and as a special education teacher at Westside Community School. He is active in local, state and national professional organizations as a member of various advisory councils, committees and task forces. Dr. Bird serves as a director or trustee on a number of civic boards, and he has been the recipient of several professional, leadership and community service awards.

Patrick J. Jung , , , Director, Audit Committee Chairman and Compensation Committee Chairman

PATRICK J. JUNG, 69, was elected as a Company director in 2003. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Surdell & Partners LLC, an advertising company in Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to his position with Surdell & Partners LLC, Mr. Jung was a practicing certified public accountant with KPMG LLP for 30 years, 20 years of which he served as an audit partner. He was also the audit engagement partner on the Company’s annual audit for the year ended December 31, 1999 prior to his retirement from KPMG LLP in 2000. Mr. Jung is a member of the board of managers of Burlington Capital Group LLC (which includes America First Tax Exempt Investors, L.P., a publicly traded company) and serves on its audit and governance committees. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Burlington Capital Group LLC’s business involves real estate, money management and emerging markets. He also works with several civic boards and organizations.

Duane K. Sather , , , Director, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Chairman

DUANE K. SATHER, 72, was elected as a Company director in 2006. Mr. Sather served as President of Sather Trucking Corporation from 1972 to 1996. From 1988 to 1996, he also served as Chairman of Sathers Inc., a wholesale candy manufacturer and distributor. Sather Trucking Corporation and Sathers Inc. were sold to Favorite Brands International, Inc. in 1996. Mr. Sather is an investor and currently serves as a director of privately held companies that construct and operate ethanol plants in the Midwest.

Dwaine J. Peetz, Jr. , , , Director

DWAINE J. PEETZ, JR., M.D., 66, was appointed by our Board of Directors on May 10, 2011 to fill a vacant directorship position. Dr. Peetz is a thoracic surgeon from Omaha, Nebraska and retired from practice in2011. He was formerly the Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Creighton University School of Medicine and the Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, both of which are nationally recognized and accredited medical schools located in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Peetz graduated from the Creighton University School of Medicine, completed his residency in thoracic surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and became certified by the American Board of Surgery in 1981 and American Board of Thoracic Surgery in 1983. He has been active in various professional organizations, served as the chairman and a member of several affiliated hospital committees and authored numerous medical publications and abstracts.

Gerald H. Timmerman , , , Director

Gerald H. Timmerman, 77, was elected as a Company director in May 2016. Mr. Timmerman was previously a director of the Company from 1988 to 2011. Since 1969, Mr. Timmerman has been and currently serves as President of Timmerman & Sons Feeding Co., Inc. He has also served as the President of Timmerman Feeding Corporation since 1965. Timmerman & Sons Feeding Co., Inc. and Timmerman Feeding Corporation, both of which are based in Springfield, Nebraska, are cattle feeding, ranching and beef production enterprises with operations in several Midwestern states. Mr. Timmerman is also a partner in several other privately held entities that engage in integrated agricultural business operations. Mr. Timmerman is also active in and serves on the board of directors of several civic organizations.

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